Thursday , February 9 2023

Piotr Stramowski, inappropriate in connection with Adamowicz's death and Owsiak's resignation. He published a picture of an empty man


Paweł Adamowicz's death during the final of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra and the resignation of Jerzy Owsiak as WSP chairman have shattered Poland. In the face of tragic events, many of the celebrities spoke and commented on the matter in the social media.

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Stramowski incorrectly commented on Paweł Adamowicz's death and about the confusion around WOÂP

Piotr Stramowski also wanted to join the discussion. He published a controversial photo about Instagram, in which other controversial hashtags appeared.

#zlesiedziejewnaszymkraju #paweladamowicz #wosp #jurekowsiak #bohater #upadadek # spongebob #zaloba #obudzmysie

The image of a declining man was probably an artistic expression of the actor's opposition to current events in Poland – in terms of hashtags #upadek #spoleczenstwa. Unfortunately, the photo turned out to be inappropriate. Internet users have commented on this, criticizing the actor in comments:

I do not know if this is the right picture of the situation.

Image quite inadequate depending on circumstances.

The author of the photo, used by Piotr, is the photographer interpreter Kerry Skarbakka, who uses his body as a metaphor describing the universal feeling of tension and fear.

Piotr Stramowski's comments on WSPPiotr Stramowski's comments on WSP screen

We agree with Internet users, the whole post was certainly inadequate …


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