Saturday , May 28 2022

Police: Two teenagers missing. Police ask for help


The last phone contact with the girls was around 17, about which the grandmother of one of them informed the cops. "From now on, the phone is silent," said Sgt. head office. Katarzyna Leśnicka from the Police Police Police Headquarters. She added that talking to her friends showed they had decided to leave the house.

Radzio Szczecin reports that adolescents have been seen together around a 103 bus to Szczecin. They were also seen at a petrol station at the street. Pilsudski. The cops assume the girls are still in the police.

Checking the family addresses under which they could be located did not work.

Anyone who can help find them is kindly requested to contact the Police Police Police (telephone number: 91-424-75-22 or 997).

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Source: PAP, Radio Szczecin

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