Saturday , July 31 2021

Ryanair's pilots were sleeping on the floor. They were released

In mid-October, a photo was loaded into the network, presenting Ryanair's pilots and cabin crew sleeping on the floor of the office. The image was to be taken at the airport in Malaga, Spain, where the crew had to wait because of flights canceled in Porto (Leslie's tropical storm is infuriating on the Iberian Peninsula – ed.). The photo appeared on the official website of the Portuguese professional association of the SNPVAC cabin crew. "Ryanair earns $ 1.25 billion a year. Can not seriously provide employees with decent conditions?" – written below the photo. The trade unions also accused the Irish carrier of 24 cabin crew members not even having meals or drinks.

All the accommodations were occupied that day?

A photograph of Ryanair's employees sleeping on the floor caused indignation in social media. Ryanair representatives reject claims that none of the crew members had to sleep on foot because the staff were given a VIP room. However, Ryanair admits that it did not offer hotel workers because – as the company's representatives say – all the accommodations were occupied that day because of the national holiday. Company translations do not convince unionists. SNPVAC members confirmed that they can enter the VIP lounge, but only at 6:00. In the room that had already been available, there were only eight places.

Looks like the case has a sequel. As reported by the BBC, cabin crew members and pilots shown in the picture were fired from work. In the statement, the carrier's representatives pointed out that the whole situation was staged to destroy the company's good image in the eyes of its customers and to affect its reputation. Unions are released from arms, promising to refer the case to court.

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