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SMS-days are counted. The first will enter into the next of the oldest services


After 25 years, classic news SMS they can be in the blanket for history. At the beginning of the year, the first intends to introduce a new standard of communication – Rich Communication Set (RCS). The launch of the service in early 2019 is announced by the American Verizon.

The messenger is not required

RCS allows you to transfer multimedia files up to 100 MB. Classic MMS can "match" only 300 KB of data. The "Dugo" SMS has a length of 160 characters.

The new standard will not only allow you to send photos or videos, but to share files, share location information, and get confirmation of the messages you read.

It will also allow communication between multiple people. Other owls, using instant messaging will no longer be necessary to send messages that contain lots of graphical content.

Here is an example of communication in the RCS standard.


For business, friends and loved ones

RCS also allows you to receive personalized offers, discount information, etc. from individual companies. Airlines will be able to send us credit cards directly to the phone – without having to use an additional app.

Instead of a messenger

New technology can threaten messengers like Messenger. The addressee is identified by the phone number. Using Facebook will not be necessary to send a friend or close information that contains more content than text. These companies will not only have to use messaging services, social networking sites, applications to reach the recipient effectively.

Therefore, RCS has the chance to become a new channel of communication.

Testing in Poland is happening

As explained, which together with Google's testing services in Poland, the new standard can be verified in both individual and business communication.

We are convinced that the revolution on whose door we face will forever change the operation of mobile phones. This innovative solution will change a lot in the communication between the company and the client, opening new opportunities for each business sector.

– explains Daniel Zawiliski, executive director of server platform.

In the interview with us, the representatives of the service assured that the technological tests are continued in Poland. There is no certainty when the service will be introduced. Its start in the US, however, has the chance to encourage operators and company owners to speed up their work.

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The first SMS in history was sent on December 3, 1992.

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