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The End of Good Times for ZUS Increase in the Poor Number in Four Years


The third quarter of 2018 to get the worst in four years in terms of increasing the number of insured in ZUS – only 12 750 insured. This small increase is the immigration service (mainly from Ukraine), when the number of Poles in the Pacific is decreasing. A slight increase indicates that Poland's interest in attracting more attractive jobs is decreasing.

Effect of Economic Recovery?

ukasz Kozowski, the main economist of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs, believes that such a slowdown in the growth in the number of insurers is also the effect of economic recovery. In fact, there are signs that the Polish economy is on the downside – the PMI (the financial activity indicator) in the Polish industry since it drops. In October, it dropped to 50.4 percentage points (from 50.5 percentage points in the previous month). Level 50 is the neutral level, the results below indicate a dramatic deterioration in the economic situation.

The number of Poles insured in ZUS and foreign has increased since the end of 2014. However, since the second quarter of last year, the number of Poles living in the US decreased – in the third quarter, decreased by 15,191 people. At that time, the number of insured aliens increased by 27,941, of which 80%. were citizens of Ukraine. the total amount in Poland is 425.7 thousand. Ukraicw.

Ukrainians fled to a pension system in Germany? The Poles are already doing so

The latter may soon fall and that will have the effect of reducing revenue to Social Security and the state budget. Germany is preparing to open the labor market for non-EU employees who want to complement the resources of a skilled workforce. According to the Association of Enterprises and Employers, this can mean a trip of up to 500,000. employed in Zachd. In Germany, Ukrainians will be able to win more than in Poland. Not without significance is the fact that our western neighbors, to a much lesser extent, labor law are respected, and German employers are less likely to pay wages than Polish payments.

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The German pension system is already saved by the Poles. There is a drug there in terms of the size of foreign groups that contribute to the local equivalent of social security. Skadki has pacified 459,000 in Germany, but they are only Turkish (990,000).

Recently, the Polish pension system benefits from the increase of the insured and the increase in the remuneration in the economy. As a result, subsidies for the Social Insurance Fund from which the social insurance institution pays old-age pensions may be lower, which was reflected in the reduced state budget expenditures. Only this year the Social Security Fund had to pay less than PLN 8 billion from the budget.

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