Saturday , February 4 2023

The PiS conducted an internal analysis of the possible results of the Sejm's election


"The United Nations has the chance to win an absolute majority in the Sejm elections and to win 236 seats," writes Grzegorz Osiecki and Tomasz Żółciak's simulation articles in the paper. The PiS analysis shows that the second in the Civic Coalition group can have 177 seats. Seym also obtains mandates of Kukiz 15 (23 seats) and PSL (the identical number of deputies).

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How did PiS analysts come to such conclusions? – ask the authors of the "DGP". "They counted the votes cast for individual parties in regional assemblies in 41 Sejm constituencies, but they assumed that the votes cast on non-partisan local governments did not count, so they would be distributed equally among the other groups and assumed that the PSL to be half weaker than in regional dietary choices, such regularity can be seen in election results and this relationship is even less than 50%. "

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