Tuesday , March 21 2023

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 with Android Beta and MIUI 10 beta


F1 stationary entered the salons, proving that a device with a high technical specification should not completely drain the consumer's wallets. I suspect that many Tabletop readers, even if they did not buy Pocophone F1, have considered this option. And now, after the most recent update, all non-citizen had just another excuse to implement this investment.

How does the service inform you? XDA-Developers MIUI 10 beta audience has just appeared, which is based on the latest Android Pie. The software has been labeled as MIUI 10 Global beta in version 8.11.15. The source site also draws attention to the fact that users report high stability of the software.

At this point you can download the software either as a Recovery or Fastboot package. The instruction is very simple and you can read it here, for example. For the rule, However, I must warn you that you are making any change at your own risk. You also need to know that if Pocophone F1 uses software in the global version, it is enough to join the beta, although installing such software will clean up your data during the upgrade. So, to protect them beforehand.

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Photo: manufacturer

If you do not care about the madness associated with the numbers of the next versions of MIUI or Android, it is worth arming with little patience. The beta software has for itself that the manufacturer does not guarantee for them so completely. Something may not work and something may be slower or worse. Perhaps the best option is to wait and install the official update when it comes through OTA?

source: XDA-developers

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