Thursday , March 30 2023

BALL – Rockets Announces Carmelo Anthony (NBA)


End of line for Carmelo Anthony in Houston missiles. With just ten games played in 2018/2019, the 34-year-old ended with the contract with Texans for one year.

"Carmelo behaved impeccably during his rocket time and accepted all the roles that coach Mike D'Antoni gave him. However, what we imagined for the team with his entry did not materialize, so it was better to move on. "Another decision was unfair to him," said Daryl Morey, chief executive of Rockets, in a statement.

"We figured out how things were going and how our game was not the best for his game. He was trying to make the necessary sacrifices, but it was not right to Hall of fame as he. It was not good for us, it just did not work, "said Mike Antonio.

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