Friday , September 30 2022

GNR does not recognize the publication of the kidnappings in the Braga district with a "white shirt"


PS of Vieira do Minho today accused the local council of "lack of transparency for the salary payment of an unreasonable counsel through an association," which the mayor denied, guaranteeing that "it does not correspond to the truth."

According to PS, most PSD / CDS in that Braga district "hides a fourth full time counselor, using the Serra da Cabreira Order Association (APOSC), to place employees, without control ".

"Now is the true cause of successive financial transfers to the APOSC," the socialists said in a statement condemning "vehemently the lack of transparency and rigor in the management of public funds."

For PS, "although the Local Council is part of the APOSC, this association does not publish its work in any way, its governing bodies are not known, let alone its staff," adding that it requested information about the case before the Municipal Assembly.

Contacted by the Lusa agency, Mayor António Cardoso accused PS of "failing the truth," stating that if the municipality was elected, councilor Ana Ribeiro, "elected by the people, could even spend the full time"; "He would have a higher salary than he had."

"The counselor represents the municipality of APOSC and the salary it receives is 20% lower than the salary of an alderman," he explained.

António Cardoso assured Ana Ribeiro doing "an excellent job in planning and planning the Cabreira Mountain Chain".

"The Association, since taking office, has already approved about one million Euros in the applications filed with the Sierra Cabreira. In less than a year there is a visible work and we will present these data to the Assembly at the President's request" he said.

The Mayor said that the Chamber "even gave an authorization" so that the responsible person "could be appointed as a full-time or full-time counselor."

"We understand that it served better the county and the population if it was the representative of the municipality in this association," he said, noting that APOSC "created during a PS executive and idle for many years is finally presenting Good results ".

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