Saturday , February 4 2023

Meet Maria, Goucha's new colleague in the morning of TVI – Tv Media


After Christina, the time of Mary came. Manuel Luís Goucha has a new co-host on TVI in the morning.

Maria Cerqueira Gomes is 35, she was born in Porto, and in January 2019 she will have a difficult task to replace Cristina Ferreira. He studied the law, but quickly realized that his world would be televised.

The presenter began his career at Porto Canal in 2006, where he presented live shows and recently presented "Olá, Maria" a relaxed nature.

The daughter of the separated parents, has six brothers and was Francisca's mother at the age of 19. At the age of 34, she was the second time mother, this time from a boy, João.

Between television and family, the presenter is also dedicated to her blog "Come on Mary" where she focuses on topics such as fashion, lifestyle and her own life.

In her online space, the presenter describes himself as "a girl who does not have a perfect life and with few but good certainties, the result of what she has already lived." This was Mother at 19 and will be 34 years old. And that is very good, who sees the fashion with a very personal look and who has all sorts of days .. curious and without filters. "

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