Thursday , March 30 2023

Montijo Airport: agreement between ANA and Air Force


The coordinator of the Lisbon airport extension project said on Friday that the ANA requirements for the new Montijo airport are "competitive airport charges" and that there is a "agreement in principle" with the air forces.

At a Lisbon air navigation conference, Duarte Silva said there was a "principle agreement" with the Air Force Air Force and the necessary reorganization of military assets, "waiting for a financial agreement with ANA – Airports Portugal ".

Funding required [para a reorganização] must be ensured by the project itself. We can not risk having the whole solution and dying on the beach by not funding, " I told him.

The coordinator pointed out the "solid progress" of the negotiations and stated that among the requirements presented to the airport manager, ANA by the state is a "real revolution" at the current Humberto Delgado airport and a competitive value of tariffs.

According to the coordinator of the Lisbon airport extension project, the requirements include the investment in the track, which should be increased, as well as the number of stands and the capacity of the terminal.

The state also wants to increase more flight and passenger contact points, which must also have "easy and fast domestic routes" and "adequate service levels".

In the list of requirements for the "double" solution, which includes the transformation of the Montijo database into the current Humberto Delgado airport, diversification of accessibility, operational efficiency, competitive airport charges, response to current and future demand growth, and "lack of state financial effort ".

The official explained that although the funding involved in Montijo is private, the airport is public and therefore "will have the necessary views that will not be enlightened."

On the aforementioned hypothesis to extend the capacity of the airport, Alcochete, the coordinator recalled that it would require an investment of over 7 billion euros and about a decade to realize it.

This investment would call into question the European rules on the limitation imposed on states in connection with airports, he said.

Asked later about competitive airport rates, Duarte Silva showed that this is one of the "central themes of the negotiations", indicating only that the benchmark is "comparison with other competitive airports".

Also mentioning the role of air navigation and the new system in this area, the coordinator pointed out that "extension is possible if the whole puzzle is aligned".

After this afternoon, Duarte Silva listed several phases of the project to double the capacity of the airport, which is expected to go through the Humberto Delgado + Montijo solution for 2022, and has reported talk records for "about 50 years."

The co-ordinator showed that he had found 17 different locations for a new airport in the Lisbon region.

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