Saturday , August 13 2022

Passos Coelho's wife faces fourth cancer


The disease returns to the lungs, and Laura Ferreira makes new treatments. The husband is the great support.

For four years, Laura Ferreira faces cancer drama, and the latest news was not the most encouraging. Pedro Passos Coelho's wife found out that the disease had spread again in the lung. According to the journal "Nova Gente", physicians have not opted for surgery, and the physiotherapist makes treatments based on dichloroacetic acid. At this difficult stage, the former PSD leader was Laura's main support, similar to what has happened since 2014, when a very aggressive knee tumor of the knee was detected. The physiotherapist was operated, placed on a prosthesis and underwent chemotherapy sessions, but when the disease was considered obsolete, a routine examination showed malignant cells in the lungs a year and a half ago.

In addition, a hip tumor was also discovered by the physiotherapist, aged 53 years. Now Laura faces fourth cancer in a long and painful fight. "I'm very afraid to die, but then there's a side that rises up and says," No, you have your husband, you have your daughters and your family! "I have to live, I have so much to do," he wrote Pedro Passos Coelho's biography, published in 2015.

Daughters are your strength
Daughters Teresa, 23 (in photography), and Julia, 11 years old [em comum com Pedro Passos Coelho] are the great force of Laura Ferreira, who already knew how to find courage in the descendants to deal with the disease. However, during these four years of fighting, it has led to depression several times.

Suppose the fight
During a trip to Cape Verde, with Passos Coelho, then Prime Minister, Laura came out for the first time without hair, fighting the public cancer. Since then, the former PSD leader has always been standing next to him. "Pedro relaxes me and gives me strength," Laura said.

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