Tuesday , March 21 2023

Supplier Santa Casa da Misericórdia died


Supplier Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Guimarães, Noemia Carneiro. Mayor of Guimarães, Domingos Bragança, has already expressed his public regret.

Noema Carneiro, born in Guimarães in 1953, was also a professor at the University of Minho and was an inevitable figure of the vincentian society.

He received, two years ago, the Social Social Merit medal at the solemn, evocative session in the context of the "June 24 – Day 1 of Portugal" celebrations.

Since 1980, he has developed his professional activity at the University of Minho, and nine years later he was appointed Associate Professor of the Department of Textile Engineering, becoming a department manager in January 2013, a position he had until then.

After several interventions in local youth associations, he had his first participation in the local association of the Guimarães Association for the Heritage Conservation Association, whose social organs have been involved for more than twenty consecutive years with a special commitment to defending and the capitalization of the county heritage. During 2004-2006, he was also part of the Vitória Council, an organ of the Vitória Sport Clube.

At the invitation of the President of the General Assembly, she joined the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Board of Directors at the beginning of the current century, becoming the Ombudsman in 2004.

In a press release, the Chamber said that "its technical competence, humanism, the spirit of modernization and social idealism were fundamental to building the present reality of the Guimarães House of Mercy."

"In particular, in modernizing management practices, preserving and restoring her patrimonial building, in the institution's sustainability with the use of its facilities for new health equipment and the humanization of care provided to users of multiple units managed by Santa Casa," one reads.

He was also part of the Regional Secretariat of the Union of Portuguese Misericordias, where he attended various conferences and seminars on the social economy, IPSS quality, and patrimony recovery, conservation and dissemination policies.

Noemia Carneiro's body is in a fiery room in the Santo António dos Capuchos church, where the funeral ceremonies will take place on Tuesday, November 13, at 15:30, and then buried in the Atouguia City Cemetery.

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