Friday , January 15 2021

The Treasury investigates 256 Portuguese offshores – ECO

Swissleaks, Panama documents, Malta files and Paradise articles chanted over thousands of scandals offshore, and the Portuguese names have been included in the various lists. Of these, the Tax and Customs Authority (TA) identified more than 300. In total, more than 250 Portuguese accounts were inspected, according to the information provided by Economic Newspaper (paid access).

In these cases 1,350 Portuguese were involved hiding money in Romania offshore. Of this total, Finance has identified about a quarter (343), opening an investigation into 256 accounts.

AT, who last year showed that he was investigating a "set of individuals" linked to the case of Panama documents, was criticized by Paulo Ralha. the chairman of the tax workers unit has warned that there are several suspicious transactions that are not being investigated by the Treasury.

"The AT, within the limits of his powers, analyzes all information that comes from different sources, "he says, in response to JE.

He adds that he treats the information he receives "by applying risk analysis models to segment taxpayers and identifying the most appropriate strategies for each segment."

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