Wednesday , May 31 2023

Three people die in a hospital fire in the western part of Rio de Janeiro – News


Three people died in a fire on Saturday afternoon in the Lourenço Jorge municipal hospital near the Barra da Tijuca west of Rio de Janeiro.

The flames came out at 15 o'clock when 54 patients were admitted to the CER (Regional Emergency Coordination of Barra), which is a complex of the hospital. CER works as a filtering site. On-site care for less complicated emergencies, while traumatic cases or cases requiring surgery are referred to the main unit of the hospital.

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella (PRB), said the three victims died when they moved from the CER to the main hospital. Fire did not touch them, he said. One of the dead was 83 years old.

"Three people died during the transfer, three were very old," said the Mayor, who lives near the hospital and went there to follow the fire department's work.

"These three patients did not die because of the fire, but because of the severity of the clinical conditions that did not allow them to withstand traffic," said Rio de Janeiro's SMS.

CER officials can remove all patients who have been hospitalized on the first floor of the building. The flames started on the second floor of emergency coordination where the cafe and the dormitory were located.

Publication / Fire Department

Crivella said he was still evaluating the situation, but already ambulances were provided to bring patients to other units as needed. The Mayor also said that on Monday (5) he would try to evaluate how to carry out the CER reconstruction.

Publication / Fire Department

At about 6:10, firefighters are already checking the flames and have started the aftermaths. Fire in the Fire Department destroyed it completely on the second floor, but it did not harm the other floors of the building.

"The removal of all 54 patients was evaluated at Lourenço Jorge City Hospital, and some were transferred to municipal and federal hospitals, and the Rio City Hall provides all the assistance to patients and their families," reads SMS.

The Ayrton Senna avenue protests at the Rio Operations Center towards the Linha Amarela side bar, and the traffic on the highway retains the sections near the Alvorada bus station and the Avenida das Américas.

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