Wednesday , August 17 2022

Anca Serea, the secret for a firm figure


Even if the weaker people seem to have no problem, especially with the stress of the extra pounds, cellulite and flaccid skin can give them big beatings. These aesthetic problems do not disappear either by sport or by means of a controlled diet, and the answer lies in the salon treatments that act on the affected tissues. Although she has an enviable figure, especially because she is the mother of five children, Anca Serea works intensely to maintain a fine skin. The vet uses the LPG Alliance, which helps remodel the body.

Anca Serea: What does LPG Alliance treatment mean?

"The Silhouette LPG Alliance remodels the body exactly in the areas where you need it, rebuilding the structure of the skin, making it firmer and finer!", reveals Anca Serea. For this process, Anca Serea has to wear a white fabric suit, and with the help of a device of a revolutionary device acting on the basis of the endermology technology, the body is remodeled. The results are obtained by mechanical stimulation without the need for other cosmetics. Massage rolls and flaps help cellular metabolism to resume its functions and act at full capacity. with 5.2 centimeters, and cellulite can be reduced to 67% and become firmer by 71% than it used to be.

Anca Serea: diet and sports

The star has a height of 1.77 meters and 53 kilograms, and over time has not kept his mouth open about the secret of his silhouette, the sports he is practicing and the food he consumes to maintain himself. In an interview with, the former presenter has revealed that he is eating two or even three meals a day and many snacks, but he also takes into account some rules that he considers to be common sense.

"Frankly, in order to keep me in shape I do not do anything special! Unfortunately, I do not allow my time. I have some common sense rules that, I think, all people should respect, especially after a certain age. I do not eat very late at night, and I eat relatively healthy things, I do not buy stupidity, just because the temptations are very great! They go twice a week to massage and pilates, told Anca Sera.

The former presenter calls for a trick he regularly respects. In order to avoid problems with digestion, Anca Serea consumes after a meal a few slices of raw pineapple, which in turn stimulates the burning of fats and helps to keep it in shape. As for pilates, they improve the mobility and flexibility of the body and help deep muscle toning. Moreover, this training technique combines sport with relaxation.

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