Saturday , May 28 2022

Apple is doing cleaning and deleting an important social network from the App Store


If you have an affinity for Tumblr, it's good to know that the popular app for socialization and blogging has officially disappeared from the App Store.

Tumblr is a very popular online platform that has blurred the line between social networking and blogging. There are people who use the homonymous application to express their opinions on various topics. At the same time, you may have made an account just to aggregate fun, GIF, meme, or various philosophical quotes in one place.

The major issue with Tumblr is that it hosts a lot of erotic content and Apple has repeatedly shown in the past that it has a problem with such online stuff. As a result, this could be a potential reason why the application has been removed from the App Store. As usual, Cupertino giant officials did not provide an official statement on the subject.

On the other hand, Tumblr made a post on the official blog that drew attention to the unpleasant situation. Among those ranks, they also avoided mentioning the reason behind the elimination of the program in the popular virtual store. "We're working on fixing a problem with the iOS app and hope it's fully up and running again soon. We certainly appreciate your patience as long as we find the solution and we will update this article when we have news to share. "

The latest update to that article is on November 17th. Then again, it is insisted that the engineers team is working to fix the problem, but again, there is no mention of what led to the current situation where people can no longer download the App Store progression.

As a reference, it is not the first time that Apple has removed a popular program from its application store. It happened a few months ago with the Telegram, because the Cupertino giant found that child pornography was transmitted through the chat application. When the situation has rectified, Telegram has returned online.

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