Saturday , October 1 2022

Bad news about Florin Busuioc. What happens to his TV appearances


Florin Busuioc is still in serious but stable condition after the stroke suffered on Tuesday night after a show in Craiova.

"Infarction occurs when a clot of blood clogs one of the vessels that irrigate the heart. But the point of departure of that clot is atherosclerosis. All our vessels make atherosclerosis, that is, the deposition of cholesterol on the inner walls of the jar. The process of atherosclerosis begins as early as childhood. In adulthood, the blood vessels begin to thicken more or less, depending on certain risk factors: smoking, obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and not neglecting genetic factors. Under the action of other precipitating factors (triggered by high blood pressure, severe stress, intense physical exertion, extreme temperature exposure, alcohol abuse), the wall of the vessel loaded with atherosclerosis may crack. And as it happens when you juggle your knees and make a shell, so a wall shell forms a shell to stop snuggling. The blood platens gather in the site, initially having the role of repairing the crack, but in time they lead to the formation of a clot that closes the vessel. This is how the heart attack occurs, "Gabriela Bicescu from the Department of Cardiology of the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest, told

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