Sunday , May 29 2022

Bad news for all Romanians. The state can not help us. It's a matter of time


The price of electricity and gas in Romania will have a growing trend in the context of alignment with European countries, and the Government has to say what consumers can continue to subsidize, said Competition Council President Bogdan Chiriţoiu in a profile conference.

"One thing harder to accept, but inevitable, is that, when we integrate into the European market, either gas or electricity, the inevitable trend is to have prices similar to the countries around us. This is the definition of a market, prices tend to equalize, "Chiriţoiu said.

He has shown that this is already happening in terms of the price of duty-free fuels.

"This, we like it or not, it will happen to electricity and gas as well. This can be a good thing for Romania and for our producers, because we are generally exporting electricity and, at the moment, where we will develop new production capacities in the Black Sea, we will probably become exporters and gas, so it will be a good thing for our economy, but it will mean raising the price, "said the Competition official.

In this context, Chiriţoiu reminded that the vulnerable consumer, who will be most affected by these price rises, has not yet been defined.

"We have to see who consumers are most affected by rising prices. It is an old subject and I would be happy to solve the current governance." The trend will be that all Romanians consider themselves vulnerable, but we are not all vulnerable. even all Romanians will be able to ask the Government to be subsidized for energy-related expenses, "said the president of the competition.

He gave as an example the inhabitants of Bucharest and Ilfov, areas where the gross domestic product per capita of the European Union was exceeded.

In addition, industrial consumers will be affected by these rises, and Chiriţoiu has shown that big electricity consumers have already been supported by the state by exempting from paying a consistent share of green certificates.

"Perhaps we need to think of measures of this kind and for other taxes that affect the competitiveness of economic agents," he added. Agerpres

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