Thursday , March 23 2023

CAREFUL! Since Monday, January 11, ANAF checks all the money that goes into your account and from whom


As of Monday, January 11, ANAF – the National Agency for Fiscal Administration starts the operationalization of the electronic fiscal register for bank accounts and the payment account identified by IBAN.

The operationalization was scheduled for January 4, but was postponed to January 11.

Through this central register, ANAF has access to information on bank accounts of companies and the population.

Banks and institutions that have financial accounts for companies and individuals are obliged to send to ANAF all financial information related to the movement of accounts of individuals and companies.

Romania transposes through this register a European directive for preventing and combating money laundering.

The electronic central register for the payment account for bank accounts was regulated by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 111/2020.

See HERE the full text of GEO 111/2020

In this register must be entered data related to the account holder, the persons holding the right to sign, but also the persons acting on behalf of the client.

For banknotes, the name of the concessionaire and all its verification data must be mentioned. This new legislation with all its provisions is motivated by the lack of money laundering and terrorist financing, but also the identification of the real beneficiary of money movements.

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