Monday , January 24 2022

Facebook activates the option to delete messages sent accidentally to Messenger


Announced earlier this month, the function that Facebook Messenger users can request to retrieve messages sent accidentally is already added to the mobile application and instant messaging service web interface.

To begin with, Unsend appeared in the iOS version of Messenger and was confirmed by users in Bolivia, Colombia, Lithuania and Poland, Facebook administrators promising to make it available globally soon.

Messages sent to Facebook Messenger can be deleted within 10 minutes after they have been sent. For comparison, Gmail users only have a few seconds to recall a massage that they accidentally pressed the Send button. Facebook administrators were more generous with WhatsApp users, and messages on this network could be recalled within an hour after they were sent.

The only condition for recalling Messenger's accidentally sent messages is that the person on the other end has not grasped it.

Once removed, the message will be replaced with a sign, informing the recipient that it was targeted by a message that has been recalled in the meantime by the sender. Facebook will keep the messages sent and retrieved for a certain length of time in order to be able to analyze whether the sender is reported for various abuses, such as harassing other users.

In addition to the Unsend feature, Facebook might also add an option to set a valid expiration date for the entire conversation thread, after which the discussion is automatically removed from the log to prevent messages being read by indiscreet people.

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