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Fortnite. Two new game modes have been launched by Epic Games for the most popular game of the moment, and anyone can enjoy the news they bring to the world. We are talking about two new modes of play that Fortnite has been offering around the world this week, aiming to keep players connected to the online platform, where they should theoretically spend even more money playing.

Fortnite. The first mode of play implemented by Epic Games for players is called Team Terror, and two teams of 32 players face each other across the online platform. Separately from the battle of the two teams in Fortnite, there will be a series of monsters that players will have to kill while fighting with other players, these monsters offering weapons and ammo when killed, a golden monster offering a the legendary weapon for those who kill him.


Fortnite. In this game mode, the amount of ammunition offered to the players, as well as the weapons that are offered when monsters are killed, have also been increased, so you should not have any problems in getting whatever you want. The second way of play is called Blitz, and here we are talking about an increase in the speed at which everything happens while confronting the various enemies you encounter on the maps in which you fight in the virtual worlds.

Fortnite. Since the rapidity of time is increased, each fight session should last for a maximum of 15 minutes, and of course you will have more new items that you can collect each player killed. Both modes of play released for Fortnite are available after Halloween, and the cube disappears, so if you have not been able to play the game over the last few days, you should do it because you've lost a lot.

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