Saturday , May 28 2022

HOROSCOPE. What the stars prepared us in the first snowy weekend


Horoscope. Here's what our astronauts prepared for us during the weekend of 17-18 November 2018!


Saturday: Get out of hostile environments, aggression of any kind, or a miserable competition spirit, because you will not be able to cope with it!

Sunday: Be very careful in the heated discussions you are having today with an opponent, because things could end up in a critical point from which nothing good will come out.


Saturday: Love can often be the most effective treatment, as it gives you too much of your love to the one who is now going through a painful moment.

Sunday: Leave your positive side and tonic to come out, do not accept the dominance of pessimism, because there is no time to stay in the shade.


Saturday: You are in the middle between two adverse camps that fight aggressively, trying to impose authority in their own way. You do not know what to do: hold either of them or stay impartial until the winner is clear.

Sunday: It's time to say good-bye to a stage you've fed and prepare to choose another way. Do not cramp the things you are used to, there are other variants, so be prepared for the new!


Saturday: Whatever the weather is outside, you have a serene attitude, as if it all evolved for the better in your life. Keep this optimistic tone as long as it will be the key to all your future achievements!

Sunday: If everyone you are discussing with today gives you the same advice, you should consider it. Yes, maybe you want to stop the current and do it all the way, but this time it's better to listen to your collective opinion.


Saturday: If you get no encouragement from others, it means you are not in the right environment for your purposes.

Sunday: Do not be a kid, you do too much for an annoyed man. Maybe you are offended or unhappy, but there is no point in acting as if everyone had something with you.


Saturday: Raise yourself with much patience and ambition, because only those who do not leave with one another will be able to accomplish their intention.

Sunday: You can not refrain from punishing those you catch with the lie, do not tolerate your innocent colleagues, false friends, the pompous and untrue statements, or the compliments you know you do not deserve.


Saturday: Fantastically attracts a new field that you feel will open your gate to another, more exciting horizon of your life or your future career.

Sunday: All good and beautiful, one can speak of a great day in which you feel stronger and more confident in your own power.


Saturday: You show great tolerance, empathy, you can listen and give advice, so if you feel something special about the problems of those in front of you, tell them your opinion with sincerity and courage.

Sunday: Do not wait any longer if you feel the right time to act in a direction to which the mind and the heart urge you.


Saturday: Do not compare your luck with others, because life is not fair for everyone. Do not leave your ear to the sad stories of those around you when you are doing your best or not.

Sunday: Your work produces better fruits than you expected and it's normal to become more and more keen to go further.


Saturday: You are pretty much influenced and all the stories that come to your ears make you lose the courage to carry on what you have begun.

Sunday: You can not rely on the support of a friend who has promised a lot today: that he will be near you when you need it, that he will do you a certain job when you ask him, that he has knowledge to intervene your favor.


Saturday: It is possible that emotions exceed the level of intensity you are accustomed to, and therefore you can not control them.

Sunday: Pay attention to who you do not need, perhaps because honey drops in your ears and it's hard to avoid such influence, even if you know it's not beneficial.


Saturday: It's hard to come to an understanding with those you are discussing today, especially on key issues. It is important to know where and when to stop in the negotiation.

Sunday: The news that arrives today has negative effects on your psyche, but do not be fooled by that.