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huawei assistant

Huawei. The Asian company has come to the point where it is forced to make an unexpected decision for the phones it currently sells around the world, announced by President Richard Yu himself. Specifically, Huawei is set to develop a personal competitor for Apple, Google, Amazon, or Samsung, and that's because it does not have something like that in China, and without such software it can not boast that it makes artificial intelligence.

Huawei. In China, the Asian company has a personal assistant named Xiaoyi, but of course it was created specifically for the local market and can not be used in other countries by customers. Huawei is perfectly aware of this, so he thought to offer US, European, etc. customers the opportunity to use another personal assistant that is now in the process of development, but how good will be the Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, is hard to tell.

Huawei. Unsolved decision for Phones

Huawei. So far, we have seen Samsung's unsuccessful attempt to offer a personal customer assistant, Bixby being a bad joke, of which the Korean company does not seem to be able to get out, and the Chinese are in a similar situation. Huawei already has the experience of offering personal assistant to Chinese customers, so we are not talking about entering the market without having something behind, as it has been with Samsung.

It looks like Huawei wants to better position itself as a rival to Google and Amazon. According to Huawei CEO Richard Yu, the company is readying a new digital assistant for markets outside China – meaning that at some point in the near future, you may use your Huawei assistant instead of Google in the U.S.

Huawei. Still a personal assistant does not need anyone at the moment, iOS has one and not too great, and for Android there are alternatives, so another one released by the Chinese would not bring too much. On the other hand, having as many options as possible is very useful for many people, and if Huawei is able to offer a good personal assistant, then there will be more pressure on competing companies to make good software.

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