Saturday , August 13 2022

Hungarian parties make SCUTE COMUN for Szekler! Moving BOMB which will REVOLT Romania


Jobbik, the Hungarian opposition party in Hungary, supports the decree of a "day of Hungarian-Szekler cohesion", informs.

Istvan Szavay, MP, Jobbik, proposed three weeks ago for the commemoration of the 11th century Memorial Day to commemorate 16th of October at the 170th anniversary of the Sultanate of Lutiţa, Harghita County of Hungarian-Szekler coexistence.
Szavay urged on this occasion all leaders of all parties in Hungary to support this initiative.

The Democratic Coalition (DK) was the only party in Hungary that did not favor the initiative, and the member Jobbik said he never showed "too much sensitivity to ethnic Hungarians from abroad".

Istvan Szavay said that the reason why the party he represents refuses to declare Szeklers a nationality in Hungary is because this would be "a step like this that would only provide ammunition to the Romanians to divide the ethnic Hungarians ".

"Szeklers are an integral part of the Hungarian nation," said Jobbik party party member.

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