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Prince Charles is 70 years old. Here are 7 things you did not know about the future English King


Prince Charles is approaching with rapid steps of 70 years. On November 14, he will celebrate Clarence House's prefix change. On this occasion, the Prince agreed to give an interview in which he explained, among other things, that after Princess Diana's death he did everything possible to stay away from the press. On a love affair, we can finally say he is married to the love of his life, Camilla Shand, whom he fell in love with at the age of 23, when she said, "My great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-grandfather, King Edward VII. So I feel we have something in common. " In 1986, they had a secret adventure despite the fact that they were both married, but only married in 2005. Apart from Princess Diana, Prince Charles was about to marry Amanda Knatchbull, but in 1979, when his uncle Lord Mountbatten was trying to arrange his wedding, he was only 17 years old. Here are 7 things about the future English King that few know.

1. He had a tumultuous relationship with his father, Prince Philip

In the early years of life, Charles did not see his father face to face because he was in Malta at the Royal Navy. When he returned to the British territory, he taught him to fish, hunt and swim. But Prince Philip applied a military education style to his son, and it complicated him, injured and traumatized Charles. In teenage years he does not look up at his father.

2. Prince Charles was not a healthy baby

Still small, Prince Charles had chronic sinus problems, and he was often hospitalized because he could not breathe through his nose. In 1957, he was diagnosed with Asian fever. During the convalescence, none of the parents visited him on the hospital bed. When he was 12, he had a measles, but his parents were on tour in India, and they were not close to him this time.

3. Prince Charles was not an active, sporting child

In his childhood, Prince Charles had trouble coordinating the movements, he was slow and overweight. To the disappointment of his father, a native athlete, Charles was not good at rugby, cricket or football. Even though his mother taught him to ride when he was four, the prince was scared of horses until he matured, when he was hard to beat his phobia.

4. Prince Charles, the victim of the jokes of the school cloegs

The Prince of Wales, crown heir, was the first to be educated at school, not the palace as his ancestors. At the age of 8 he was sent to Cheam School in Hampshire. She picked up her plush teddy bear she was planning to do in the evening after colleagues took over his legs and made jokes about his ears, and because he was chubby. Ever since the first day of school, Charles was caught by colleagues and had the most nicknames in his generation.

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5. The relationship with his mother was extremely cold

Even though Charles is her great son, Queen Elizabeth II has not shown her much maternal affection. When Charles was only five years old, his mother missed his birthday because she was on the tour. He returned to the Palace after six months. When he met Charles and Princess Anne's sister, they gathered their hands instead of taking them in their arms.

6. Secret love with Barbra Streisand

During his marriage to Princess Diana, Charles was not far from the church door. In 1974 he visited Barbra Streisand on the funny girl's set. In 1994, she met in London with Barbra after the actress gave a show to a charity gala organized by the Prince. Ten months later, in secret, Charles fled to Los Angeles and raised Barbra to tea at his Bel Air hotel.

7. Is dependent on cold showers

Although he was not an eminent student at Cambridge University Trinity College, Charles was passionate about anthropology, archeology, and history. He was also fascinated by the history of the Romanian Principalities. In this period, he discovers cold showers. Because he was sick and his nose was constantly flowing, he decided to shower every day. This habit has it today, without even turning away.

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