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ROMANIA – LITHUANIA // Has it titled Contra? The player who impressed before Romania


Andrei Vochin, FRF President Counselor, witnessed Cosmin Contra's last training and praised the attackers, especially Claudiu Keşeru, 31 years old.

"There were some players who looked good. Thousand, Claudiu Keşeru I enjoyed training very much on Thursday. At the end of the tournament, he had a lot to do with everything he had. And some very heavy positions. And, in general, the attackers moved well. Puscas and George Tucudean also liked me. And the porters were very good, "Andrei Vochin told TV Telekom Sport.

6Keşeru has scored goals in the national team in 24 games

Romania: Tătăruşanu – Cr.Manea, Moţi, Săpunaru, Bancu – Cicadlău, P.Anton – Maxim, N. Stanciu, Chipciu – Ţucudean
reserves: Pantilimon, National FC, Benzar, Toşca, T. Băluţă, I. Hagi, G. Puşcaş, Keşeru, Nedelcearu, Deac, Paşcanu, Mitriţa
coach: Cosmin Contra

Lithuania: Setkus – Baravykas, A. Jankauskas, Kilmavicius, Slavikas – Novikovas, Vorobjovas, Zulpa, Silvka, Cernych – Sernas
reserves: Zubas, Bartkus, Janusevsky, Leimonas, Vaitkunas, Kazlauskas, Girdvainis, Petravicius, Kuklys, Valskis, Borobsij, Silenas
coach: Edgaras Jankauskas

Contra's national team has to make two matches that failed in four!


1.Serbia 4 5-2 8p
2.Muntenegru 4 6-3 7p
3.ROMÂNIA 4 4-3 6p
4.Lituania 4 2-9 0p


November 17th Serbia – Montenegro (16:00), Romania – Lithuania (21:45) – "Ilie Oana" stadium, Ploiesti
November 20th Serbia – Lithuania, Montenegro – Romania (at 21:45)

CONTEXT: Depending on the results obtained in the League of Nations, Romania may enter a better url for the EURO 2020 preliminaries. Moreover, if they do not qualify from the EURO2020 classic, the "tricolors" may still have a chance at play-off, but must first finish at No. 2 in the League of Nations, in a group with Serbia, Montenegro and Lithuania. Read HERE the complete League of Nations guide!

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