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Stan Lee, legendary man free Romania


But not all of them know that these superheroes have "escaped" from one man's mind, Stan Lee in his name. And fewer are those who know his fabulous biography and especially his Romanian roots.

Stanley Martin Lieber was born on December 28, 1922, in New York, in a family of poor immigrants.

Like thousands and thousands of others, their parents, Jack Lieber (1893-1965) and Celia Solomon (1898-1947), Romanian Jews, had come to America in the early twentieth century in search of happiness. Unfortunately, the great economic crisis of the third decade has cut their wings, and Jack Lieber spent all his time looking for work.
Little Stanley has been forced to work since adolescence. In the little spare time he had available, he read and went to the cinema. He read everything that was in his hand, but especially the newspaper pages and the comic book Sundays.

So he was very glad to find out that he could be hired to a small publishing house that publishes Western police and booklet brochures, Timely, led by an ally relative, Martin Goodman. At the age of 17, Stanley Lieber becomes editor-in-chief (the good man at all), being a colleague of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, future legends of the nine-arts. At one point, he will write with the two of the episodes of Captain America's adventures, which Stan Lee will sign (and from then on he will sign and even adopt it as an official name).

Between 1942-1945, Stan Lee was enlisted in the army. He was assigned to the propaganda service and was asked to write … scripts. Movies and comics.

After the war, when he returned to the Timely publishing house, he knew already what job he would do for the rest of his life: a comic strip writer.

Stan Lee, the most prolific American BD script writer of all time

In the 1950s he wrote the texts to all the BD series from the Timely publishing house ("Captain America", "Young Allies", "The Distroyer", etc.).
In the early 1960s, in the context of American spiritual liberalization, and considering that little comic readers had grown up and wanted different stories, Stan Lee invented new characters that are different from the stereotypical heroes ever since, and though they still have superhuman powers, they are humanized and have feelings (positive or negative).

In 1961, together with Jack Kirby, he invented the "4 Fantastic Four" ("The Fantastic Four"). Then, with the same designer, he gives life to "Hulk", "Thor", "Iron Man" and "X-Men".

Together with designer Bill Everett, he creates "Daredevil," the blind superhero, and Steve Ditko, "Doctor Strange" and "Spiderman" Spiderman, probably his most popular hero.

Also with Jack Kirby, he invented the adventures of the Avengers and brought back the heroes created in the 40s, "Captain America" ​​and "Sub-Mariner".
In 1972 Martin Goodman (who retired) took over the roles of the Timely publishing house, renamed Marvel Comics, in the meantime, and will lead her to success by 1979.

From those years to today, Marvel Comics has absolutely dominated the comic book market in the United States and around the world.

In the 1980s, with a few exceptions, Stan Lee abandoned the writing of BD scenarios and moved to Los Angeles, with the thought of transforming his characters into some television and cinema, conquering a new audience. At the beginning of the third millennium, taking advantage of the tremendous advances in cinematographic techniques, Stan Lee's superhero movies became block-busters and invaded the entire planet.

And next to the cinema, in 1990 Stan Lee played his own role as BD scriptwriter in "The Ambulance" (with Eric Roberts as a BD trailer shot by a band of killers). After 2000, it will become a true tradition for the artist to make short appearances in all the films made by Marvel (in small roles of postman, guard, driver, hot-dog vendor, librarian, chess player, a hospital, war veteran, waiter, simple passerby on the street, astronaut etc).

Absolute fans will always remember him playing again his own role in an episode of The Big Bang Theory when he tells police Sheldon, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the scientist who idolizes him so much that he is very glad to have Stan Lee's autograph, even on a restraining order that forbids him to get closer to his beloved artist!

At the age of 80, Stan Lee returns to his first love and writes – for DC Comics, the rival of Marvel publishing house – new comic scripts, revealing to the fans the childhood of famous characters such as Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman or Wonder Woman.
The artist founded, along with other authors, the Academy of Comic Book Art, wrote books and comic books, collaborated with texts and scripts on writing his official biography and biography in comic books.

He has won numerous awards and honors, including The Will Eisner Hall of Fame (1994), The Jack Kirby Hall of Fame (1995), National Medal of Art (handed by US President George, Bus jr in 2008), "Hugo Award" (2009), "Producers Guild of America" ​​(2012) or "National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers" (2017). In 2011 he received his own star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.
On November 12, 2018, at the age of nearly 96, Stan Lee died alive. The living legend of American comics has simply become a legend.

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