Saturday , June 10 2023

The Galaxy S10 might have high-resolution cameras


Samsung is the provider of the best mobile screens, but the company's prestige is not to be ignored in the field of camera sensors as well, the Samsung ISOCELL offering enviable performance.

Leading the ground for the next-generation high-end smartphone, Samsung has revealed ISOCELL GM1 and ISOCELL GD1, image sensors for cell phones. With 48MP and 32MP resolution, they use 0.8-micrometer pixels (μm) and are assisted with image stabilization, optical, or electronics (budget-based), writes go4it.

According to Samsung, image sensors with 0.8 μm pixels can also work with 12MP and 8MP resolution, while offering a much improved light sensitivity comparable to a 1.6 μm pixel sensor for DSLR cameras. Both solutions are capable of capturing images and shooting in HDR mode.

Sony has a 48MP camera photo sensor – IMX586, but it has not appeared in any smartphone yet.

Production would begin before the end of this year, in time to provide both types of photo sensors for flagship products next year, such as the Galaxy S10.

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