Sunday , September 25 2022

"There must be blood in this country!"


Witnesses argue that the attacker had come to the city car fair and would have gone out to test a car with the vendor. At a roundabout, he'd stabbed the 42-year-old seller, then threw him out of his car, heading for the mall in town.

As he headed for the final place, he injured two people on a pedestrian crossing. Then he forced the concrete pylons in front of the mall a few times before he could drive in the sliding door, killing seven people – five adults and two minors – 11 and 13. It was immobilized by two men until the arrival of the intervention crews.

The injured people are out of danger, being transported to UPU Braila, and the car vendor has been operated urgently. "When he entered the mall door by car, I was at the checkout and heard a rumor. I thought it was an accident, something fell. I went to see if there was a need for help and saw a car entering the mall door. People were scared and confused. The driver was on foot, immobilized by humans, until the arrival of special crews. It was incoherent and seemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Then came the Police, the Gendarmerie, the SMURD and the Ambulance, "Lucian Căprariu, a witness on the spot, told EVZ.

According to witnesses, the 20-year-old has been crying, "There must be blood in this country!" On the arrival of the police forces, the man was identified as Marius Valentin P. being tested with the alcohol test. It had an alcohol content of 0.37mg / l of alcohol in the exhaled air. Also, biological samples were collected to determine whether it was under the influence of drugs. The driver had a valid license from February this year. According to the first information, the incident does not fall under the category of terrorist attacks.

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