Friday , March 31 2023

TRAGEDY! The Gendarmerie CANCELED on the crossing of pedestrians dying at the hospital. Her child for 2 years is in COME


The woman died in the hospital and the baby is in a coma. The woman was 40 years old and was a spokesman for the Glacier School in Fălticeni. Irina Cristina Airinei was a captain at the school of the Gendarmerie Nursing School in Fălticeni, and she is currently on parental leave, according to the Objective of Suceava.

The terrible accident occurred on Wednesday near the Suceava Tribunal.

The woman was projected into the air tens of meters after the violent impact, while the child plunged 30 meters into the air on the sidewalk.

The woman, who is a gendarme, and her son were taken to the hospital in an emergency.

Medical crews found the gendarmerie woman unconscious.

According to, the car had a registration number from Constanta and was run by a young driver. Witnesses say the driver was at high speed.

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