Thursday , March 30 2023

Tricolors have already done calculations after Romania


Alexandru Maxim talked about the match with Lithuania, explaining that the game was easy for the tricolori, giving "blame" and the low value of the opponent. Maxim explained that he feels strange when playing without spectators,

"The Lithuanians were inferior in qualitative terms and we had a fairly easy game. From 2-0, the Lithuanians realized they had no chance and it was easier for us. It's ugly without spectators, especially at the moment of the hymn I feel strange when you hear your voice, was the statement of the Mainz midfielder.

Calculations after Romania – Lithuania, made by Alexandru Maxim

"Puşcaş and Ianis and Cicâldău, very good match, parties like this give them confidence. The difference between the match with Montenegro, the one without spectators, and this with Lithuania is the difference of value. If we fail to take the first place in the group, then we will be Serbia's fans in the Euro qualifiers, Maxim added.

Romania has chances to win 1st place in the group only if it's in Montenegro and Serbia is confused on its own field in front of Lithuania. Otherwise, we could qualify for the Euro thanks to the 2nd League of Nations, we will go to the qualifying tournament instead of Serbia unless our neighbors narrow down from the qualifying preliminaries, those that begin in the spring.

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