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Who are the baptismal goddesses of the daughter of Adeline Pestriţu. They have successful business


Former television star Adelina Pestriţu became mother for the first time on August 3, 2018. The brunette brought to the world a little girl, Zenaida Maria, from the relationship that the star lives with Virgil Şteblea. On Saturday, November 10, Adelina Pestriţu and Virgil Şteblea christened their daughter Zenaida Maria.

baptism little girl Adelina Pestritu

For her little girl, Adelina Pestriţu chose a couple of businessmen from Constanţa. According to, it's about Aura and Daniel Rafte. He has a construction business, and she owns a famous beauty salon in Constanta.

Adelina Pestriţu met Aura and Daniel Rafte from the beginning of the relationship with Virgil Şteblea. When her lover asked for her wife, also in the Black Sea town, they also decided that the two were businessmen.

PHOTO: Sorin Cioponea

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