Saturday , June 10 2023

Android users have downloaded malicious apps more than half a million times.


MOSCOW, November 22 – RIA News. Computer security experts found 13 fake games in the Google Play app store, which were disguised as original software and downloaded by users over half a million times, according to The Bleeping Computer portal.

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A new dangerous virus with Android has been detected.

It is reported that malicious applications were placed on behalf of developer Luis O Pinto. After installing the program, they removed the on-screen icon and started uploading another app in the background from the scheduled address.

Also, as a result of the analysis, it was possible to identify another application that was disguised as a Center Game Center service.

The malicious program has requested permission for full access to the network to see all network connections as well as the autorun when the mobile device was started.

After user approval, the virus started displaying ads on the screen after each screen unlocking by the owner.

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