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Brazilian Grand Prix: Post race reviews



Mario Isola, head of the Pirelli Sports Department: "As expected, the weather has become harder on Sunday, which has contributed to tire wear.

The Brazilian race proved to be one of the most spectacular of the season, partly because of the varied strategy options that have played a key role today. And, although the strongest teams used a different strategy, the fight was very tight.

I've seen many brilliant battles. That's what we want to see with Formula One – the horsemen have attacked the limit and did not control the rhythm. Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen have worked particularly well with the rubber, they have traveled a distance on two soft, one-stop trains.

Congratulations to Mercedes with another victory in the constructors championship, which added the title of Lewis Hamilton. "

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport

Mercedes celebrates the 2018 Grand Prix of Brazil and the Constructors Championship

This wolff, Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Motorsport "We just wrote a new chapter in Formula 1 history, but it's hard to believe that we won the fifth consecutive victory in both offsets." When we started this trip eight years ago, who could imagine that this would be possible?

If someone said about this achievement, then we would have thought him mad. And yet, we did, I got to the Ferrari record during Schumacher's time. It is an honor to represent Mercedes on the runway and thank everyone for their hard work, both on the railways and in our foundations in Brackley and Brixworth, as well as Daimler in Stuttgart and Petronas in Kuala Lumpur and Turin for their endless support. All this would have been impossible without their participation, hard work and team love.

On the evening of Sunday in Mexico, we talked to Lewis – then he only won the fifth title, but we are not completely satisfied, because our goal is to win both titles. That's why he fought so much in this race – he wanted to successfully complete this work, win the race and win the team builder championship.

For the Valtteri season it was more difficult than for Lewis, but this year it has made progress and made an important contribution to our success. Five consecutive designer rounds – I am very proud of this amazing achievement. "

James Allison, Technical Director: "This is an amazing group of people – it's incredible how we have been able to create such a team for many years. Their ability and dedication in such a complex sport, the ability to do everything well, not a year or two, but year after year – all this causes admiration.

The difficulty of this season is that we have had fast rivals. We came to the race, not knowing if we could win, or that rivals would be stronger. The situation is constantly changing. We have thought so many times that we have overtaken the other teams but have won back and we have had a hard time and it is.

Such a tight fight this year shows that the gap between the teams is minimal and Lewis played a decisive role. He constantly conquered the poles, we could make mistakes in racing, but he played, doing what he did not expect, and for a whole year did not make a single mistake. He has achieved perfection.

We were lucky with the runners. Valtters often had no luck at the start of the season – then he could win some races, but he was not as successful as Lewis. This year, Bottas was stronger than in 2017, he is a great partner and an important assistant. "

Lewis Hamilton (First): "We are making history If I had to finish my career with Mercedes now I would remember that day forever Great to be a part of it This year it turned out to be difficult for everyone and the team has fought with all power – more than ever, and I have never been as united as it is now – and no one expected that, because after so many years of success it is easy to lose the land, it constantly raises the bar.

The race in Brazil was not easy for me, but I wanted to succeed and win for the team because it motivates everyone. Now you can prepare for the final and offseason race, knowing that we have won the title and become legends. I am grateful for all the hard work to do on all our bases and Petronas and I also want to thank all our partners – I am proud to be part of the team. In fact, I worry a little before I return to the base – there will be an incredible atmosphere.

I did not expect Red Bull Racing to return as easily to the fight as in this race. I thought I had the same pace, but it was a bit faster. In the first segment, I had trouble with the tires and worked better with the tires.

In the second segment, we moved to Medium and had engine problems, so I just tried to get to the finish line. It's a shame that Max overcame me, but then she started to have trouble, and I suddenly came back to my leadership. I told radio engineers that I did not want to quit, so I would advise what to do – in the end I attacked and I risked winning the race. I was successful but I want to stay on this wave and win the next race. "

Valtteri Bottas (5th): "I am glad and proud to be part of Mercedes This success is the result of the heavy work of each team member, both on the track and on our foundations in Brackley and Brixworth – it's worth the title! only a few people are always in the viewer, but there are a lot of unconscious heroes in our team – thank you! We tried to do everything right even under pressure, reducing errors to the minimum and ending the car – I congratulate everyone with all my heart .

The race was a bit difficult, at first everything went according to the plan and took the lead, but then it became difficult. In the first segment, I had problems with the overheating of the rubber, and after moving to Medium, the rubber began to bubble, so I had to make another stop. In my opinion, we did not have enough speed in the race. It turned out a little harder than I expected. Before the start I was more optimistic, but in general, this is a wonderful day for Mercedes. "

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

<img width = "574" height = "383" src = "” alt=”Brazilian Grand Prix podium 2018. Max Verstappen” title=”Brazilian Grand Prix podium 2018. Max Verstappen”/>

The Christian Courier, the team leader: "Seeing such an amazing rhythm in the race, it is incredibly sad to lose Max's victory over what can be called an irresponsible pilot of a remaining pilot. However, the rhythm was simply phenomenal , and this has been demonstrated by both Max and Daniel.

Exceptional acrobatics and excellent strategy allowed Max to take the lead after stopping the game, and Daniel quickly won after starting from 11th place, after overcoming some remarkable overtakes, especially Bottas and Vettel.

The second and fourth place is an excellent result for the team, but we feel junk because we should have gotten more. Daniel was so close to the podium, and if he was not fine, who knows how he could finish.

Our rhythm has been an encouraging factor today, the entire team can be proud of this performance. Congratulations to Mercedes staff, we know how hard you have to work to win the Constructors Championship. They dominated the team this year and hope that in the next season we will make life more difficult. "

Max Verstappen (Second): "First of all, I want to thank the team." The car showed excellent during the race, even with a dead end in the end, today the settings, the balance and the strategy were perfect. , where it was not to be expected, very positive, I am looking forward to the weekend in Abu Dhabi.

I finished second, although I had to win. We were great, we exceeded our expectations. It is a shame that, due to the incident with Okon, I was not able to win the race. Of course the lazy one has the right to return to the circle, but he has taken too much defense, especially in the fight with the race driver. The stewards have written a fine to her – I think that's what it says.

Finally, I'm an emotional athlete who wants to win, and this situation upset me. What happened showed what emotions you feel when you fight at the highest level. It is now important to gather all the positive points from this race and weekend and to continue in the same direction in Abu Dhabi. "

Daniel Riccardo (4th): "I am pleased with my race and I am pleased with the team's efforts, but a little disappointed with the lost podium. I caught up with Kimi, the podium was very close, but that was not enough The strategy was chosen correctly, we have no reason to reproach.

I had fun, I did some extraordinary battles, especially in overtaking Bottas. I told the radio team I was going to do it and I did. The fight with Sebastian proved to be excellent – I think I touched it once or twice, but I always respected him and his racing approach. We have already fought several times before, sometimes from time to time the battles proved to be hot, but I think we know where the limit is.

I am disappointed with the fact that I have a fine every time – it seems that our car is fast and if I started from a higher position, I'm sure I could get a very good result. You can not count much, starting with the eleventh.

Anyway, I have no doubt that I did everything in my power, and the team as well. Given the current rhythm, I turn to Abu Dhabi with optimism. I think this route will fit us more, so we have the opportunity to drink an unreal champagne there. "

Scuderia ferrari

<img width = "574" height = "382" src = "” alt=”Podium Grand Prix Brazil 2018. Kimi Raikkonen” title=”Podium Grand Prix Brazil 2018. Kimi Raikkonen”/>

Maurizio Arrivabene, the team leader: "Unfortunately, even though Kimi has finished on the podium, we have failed to reach our goal and continue the fight in the championship of the builders. Even at the exit of the network we found a problem with the Sebastian car sensor. This meant that during the race he had to use the settings that were not the same as always and that's why the car was difficult to drive.

Congratulations to Mercedes for winning the team event. "

Kimi Raikkonen (Third): "An exciting race I've fought with rivals and the car has worked well throughout the race The speed was and I had no problems The first set of tires worked well in the beginning but then I spoiled it trying to overcome Mercedes.

After changing the tires, it all became normal by car. I knew after stopping his career he would be able to get to Mercedes. If we talk about strategy, we chose the option we considered the best for ourselves. You can talk about this topic for a long time, but we've really done everything we could.

The results are not remarkable, but I do not think we could have done better – we did not make mistakes and we fought hard. As for the Constructors Championship, we know it would be difficult to win. We did everything in our power, that was not enough. This year, the best team won – it is. "

Sebastian Vettel (Sixth): "It's not the easiest race, I'm not satisfied with the sixth place. I did everything in my power, but the car was hard to drive – I even had problems driving in a straight line. , I'm glad that Kimi climbed to the podium because it's a good result, although I did not win the Constructors Championship.

Honestly, I do not think we had an advantage due to the start on Soft tires, because the SuperSoft tires lasted longer than they expected. The first part of the beginning went well, but the second was not that successful – Lewis went ahead and had no place to go. I think I just did not have enough grip on the play in the second part of the "essok", and Lewis and Valtteri did a good job together – we had no chance. In addition, Lewis was a bit faster at braking, and gave Valtteri the opportunity to take the outer beam. Then, in the second or third round, Max overcame me, having a speed advantage.

Nothing to add except that this year Mercedes was stronger than us. We can only congratulate them. "

The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team

<img width = "574" height = "382" src = "” alt=”Charle leclaire” title=”Charle leclaire”/>

Frederick Vasser, Team Leader: "Overall, a positive weekend for the team." Both drivers played strong in the qualifying and began before the middle group. "Charles finished seventh, which allowed the eighth place to be consolidated in the Designer Cup.

However, we leave Sao Paulo with mixed feelings as Marcus descends. After contact with an opponent, the lower wing and the front wing were damaged in the car, making it impossible to finish.

However, we have a good rhythm and we are fighting for championship positions. Our progress continues – a reward for hard work on the runway and at the base of Switzerland throughout the year. I look forward to a strong end of the Abu Dhabi season. "

Charle leclaire (7): "I am very pleased with the race." The seventh place – a positive result, we can be happy, it was fun to fly this track and gain more points, consolidating the eighth place in the Constructors' Championship. positive emotions. I look forward to what we can do in Abu Dhabi. "

Marcus ericson (meeting): "The disappointment of finishing a great weekend … Immediately after the start, I had contact with an opponent, and then my car was difficult to manage, the balance was different from the whole weekend, and the damage was getting worse. I had to get rid of – I'm sorry, especially after such a fantastic qualification. However, we will come back stronger at the final stage in Abu Dhabi. "

The Haas F1 team

<img width = "574" height = "382" src = "” alt=”Roman Grosjean” title=”Roman Grosjean”/>

Gunter Steiner, the team leader: "Both drivers have won points – a good result." The team worked well over the weekend, so we have achieved this result, great to overcome Renault on the circle, although they are ahead of us in the Designer Cup. "

Roman Grosjean (8): "I'm happy with the race and very satisfied with the team." An impressive result, given the damage caused to the car in the first round, because I missed my strength for almost a second. so time means that the team did a great job with the settings.

If it was not for damages, we could easily become "the best of the rest". I'm glad we finished the eighth and ninth. Even if we stay behind Renault in the Constructors' Cup, it would be great to go offseason in full, winning points in the last two races. "

Kevin Magnussen (9th): "We did not have the luck in the first round. We had a good start and I drove perfectly the first two tours, and in the fourth I left the track and I lost some places. I'm recovering Roman again. After this position has not changed.

I'm glad the full team has won points. It's good that I won back after Saturday's failure, when I did not qualify exactly where it should have been. We tried to minimize the losses. "

Racing Point Force India Team F1

<img width = "574" height = "378" src = "” alt=”Esteban Windows and Max Verstappen” title=”Esteban Windows and Max Verstappen”/>

Othmar Safnauer, the team leader: "Given our difficulties on Saturday, the tenth place is the result of which we could really count." Sergio had a good race in the first rounds where he actively fought Renault and managed to break away. , then he led completely alone, because it was not possible to close the difference from Haas.

Esteban gave up very much to the last position and could finish in 11th, if not a clash with Max Verstappen. The rules allow you to return to the same circle with the leader and at that time Esteban was obviously faster than Max. Unfortunately, Verstappen did not leave them a place, which has ruined the race for both. "

Sergio Perez (Thirteenth): "I really hoped it would rain." Clouds approached and became darker, but there was no drop on the runway.

I do not think speed allowed to rely on a larger number of points. I had to save fuel at an early stage of the race, and I only drove most of the distance. We actually implemented the strategy, but the tenth place was for us. It is a shame that we have failed to get more and to take advantage of the fact that Renault could not win points – I want to believe that in Abu Dhabi we will finish the season with a better performance. "

Esteban Windows (15): "It's a shame not to get points when the pace along the course has been so good. We've spent several successful attacks, but because of the collision with Verstappen, all the efforts were in vain.

Max left the boxes, I kept on it for a few tours, but I could go much faster and the team advised him to come back with him in a circle. First of all, as in all previous attacks, I moved to the outer edge of the track, but Max did not leave me a seat: the cars reached the level and the contact took place. We've already taken a trajectory and had the right to free space. I was mad at Verstappen's behavior after finishing: it was so aggressive that the FIA ​​representatives had to intervene. Similarly, the incidents need to be resolved.

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda

<img width = "574" height = "382" src = "” alt=”Brendon Hartley” title=”Brendon Hartley”/>

Franz Toast, руководитель команды: «В начале гонки Пиер ехал девятым, но финишировал лишь 13-м, така че не мога да се опитам. We do not love the pace of the machine – the machine has been sliced ​​with copper, and the most upsets.

Brendon started 16-meter on a Medium bus, and he had a pent-up stop, SuperSoft. Это был отличный шаг – под конец гонки он смог взвинтить темп, но этого не хватило, чтобы заработать очки ».

Toyoharu Tanabe, technical director Honda F1: "The machine has been finishing in the race, but it does not catch speeds, and it does not mean that it is going to be a good start. Надо проанализировать данные уик-энда и пуснете выступить лучше в финальной гонке сезона.

From Honda, Mercedes greets her with a victory in Cube Constructor.

Brendon Hartley (11-j): "Excellent race, this is not what you have received in prize draws. I started on a sickly gesture, so I did not like it, but it did not mean that it was good enough to start it, and so did it.

Mы знали: чтобы реализовать стратею, важно на пермом отрезке how can you do долнот сохранить шины в рабочем состоянии. The Pit-Wal-Der-Dale has changed its course and strategy has worked. This is a good example of how to make a claim in Form 1, complain, that they did not get a look. In the aftermath of Sunday, the command was going to be working, he said, in Mexico at home, the horizon was slow, and two days in Brazil had a problem.

Peter Gusley (13-j): "I did not have a class, but the race had gotten more complicated. It has started and started in a place of worship, but the beginning of the problem was on the fringes. I borrow how can, but machine does not catch speeds, чтобы заработать очки. Mы знали, что ранка в Бразилия будет сложной, but then success in Mexico bыli настроены более оптимистично. By the end of the season, we have a good race – надеюсь, мы успешно его реверсим! »

Renault Sport Formula One Team

<img width = "574" height = "382" src = "” alt=”Carlos Sains and Nico Hulkenberg” title=”Carlos Sains and Nico Hulkenberg”/>

Cyril Abbibul, руководитель команды: «Then two times horoscope gyok wick-эnd in Brazil received a dissolution. In our country, there are problems in qualifying, and we do not smile to the start. We did not need the pace – he went on and he did not know what he was doing, but he did not want to.

Nico sochel in the Soviet Union – the temperature of the engine is low, and the hotels do not risk the power of the power plant in Abu Dhabi. Учитывая позицию Нико на трассе, с нас ни что не повлиял.

Мы попытались добиться большего с Карлосом, но этого оказалось недостаточно, чтобы заработать очки. Gonka has underlined the lack of demonstration of stable competitiveness. Zimoji command has been added to this problem. In the aftermath of the year, it is still stable. "

Carlos Seyns (12-th): «Отправляясь в Бразилию, мы знали – us ждет сложный уик-энд. Мы оказались недостаточно быстры, чтобы заработать очки. Then confidently start her smog from three positions, and for a good deal with Nico and other soldiers.

Cogda situation in the gong stabilized, but it did not, but in our country there was no speed, that is to say, the overall progress. I have a hotel in the city of Abu Dhabi.

Nico Hulkenberg (s): «I did not know what to do, but I did not know what to do about the temperature of the engine. This does not mean a situation for strong installations, because it does not risk. This is a great way to get the best out of all strategies, and in the race you get bы свежие шины. Croma togo, with a carousel, has not changed the position. Borkba received a flat, but they had another place in quite a number of places, and it was fair. "

McLaren F1 Team

<img width = "574" height = "383" src = "” alt=”Stofffel Vandour and Fernando Alonso” title=”Stofffel Vandour and Fernando Alonso”/>

Жиль де Ferran, спортивный директор: «Гонка выдалась очень непростой. Fernando earned a full-fledged croup, a self-sustaining pose. He said that he could hear a quote, but when he changed his name, Fernandes had a chance to leave, so how do you know about the traffic and the blue flag? Опять же, если бы не опыт и внимание механиков, вовремя измивших проблему с наним правым колесом, алонсо мог бы вовсе не добраться до финиша.

In the early races, Stofferi trailed, but progressively progressed gradually, at the most recent cruising speed, and in the midst not so much athletic. It is obvious that the speeds are not clear, but, unconditionally, they are bored, but we are in Brazil with a sense of gratitude for the unbelievable support.

Стоффель Вандорн (14-y): "In all, he has done so badly, and he can do it well, how do he put it down, do not let him know what he does. I took the most of the situations, I did not have a successful attack, I managed to score a gunslinger Williams, picked up Fernando. Do not worry, do not you?

Strategy has been chosen loyally. Намдадось провестим более продолжительный первый ререзок, чем в соперников, а натем на сълзих шинх я держал хороший темп. According to the results, it is possible not to scratch, but to be happy with us. With the tempo, which is now in our country, this is the most important thing to do, that the command can be resolved.

Fernando Alonso (17-j): «Непростой день. Мы выбрали рискованную стратегию и относително рано проведоха пит-стоп в растаете опередить соперников, но планът не работи. Шины Medium silly puertois, in that on the second cut, it proved to be insufficiently bυstr. Krome Togo, himself a pith-stop gossip, not without rumors;

In the whole of the week-round speeds for the places in the tenth prize in our country, we did not. Какую бы стратегию мы ни выбрали, как бы сильно ни старались, заработать очки было невозможно ».

Williams Martini Racing

<img width = "574" height = "382" src = "” alt=”Serghei Sirotkin” title=”Serghei Sirotkin”/>

Paddy Low, Technical Director: «Разочаровывающая гонка с большим количежни синих флагов. Мы рисконули со стратегиий and earlier held pit-stops gonshtikov, чтобы перейти на Medium and предупредить возможную «подрезку» со стороны соперников. К сожалению, из-за деградации более жесткого состава это не сработало – и они потеряли позиции. Мы надеялись на другой результат, но оба гонщика хорошо пилотировали, учитывая возможности машины, контролировали износ шин».

Serghei Sirotkin (16-й): «Гонка с самого начала оказалась сложной. Мы уступали в скорости ближайшим соперникам. На первых кругах пришлось тяжело – сцепления не хватало, машина вела себя словно на льду, и я не столько атаковал, сколько старался её удержать.

Я пытался защитить позицию, и это сбило мне ритм – потребовалось время, чтобы найти его вновь. У меня не было скорости, чтобы отыграться, так что нужно было просто добраться до финиша. Машиной было сложно управлять и держать все под контролем на достаточно длинном отрезке, так что я очень разочарован после сложной гонки».

Лэнс Стролл (18-й): «Длинная и сложная гонка. Я хорошо стартовал, но затем просто следил за синими флагами и контролировал состояние шин. Не лучший результат – нам не хватало скорости.

Трасса очень узкая, здесь не так просто пропускать на круге. Сегодня мы были недостаточно быстры, и я не уверен, что мы могли предпринять что-то за счет стратегии».

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