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Actor colleagues Mikhail Efremov congratulated him for his anniversary, running the cake ahead during the show. This was said by PR manager of production "Chapaev and Void" Konstantin Filippov, reports RIA Novosti.

"During the show, in the most unexpected moment of an actor, actor Pavel Sborschikov, who plays Serdyuk in the show, imperceptibly brought a birthday cake on the stage and launched it personally on his birthday," he admitted he.

Efremov turned 55. It is noteworthy that the actor played the role of chief physician of a psychiatric hospital and commander of the Chapaev division in the play of Paul Ursula. The audience answered the congratulations with thunderous applause. After that, the actors continued to play.

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0:09 July 4th

Early in November, Efremov said Russia is in the "Imperial Daze," adding that the country is not a "bad empire". Later, a member of the state-of-the-art information and media development council, Vadim Manukyan, proposed to deprive the actor of the title of honor and called his words "a betrayal of the homeland."

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