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Galkin betrayed Pugachev to exhaustion: Display the business: VladTime


From the once magnificent singer there was only one shadow.

Recently, the rumors of a possible divorce between Maxim Galkin and his wife, Alla Pugacheva, have become frequent. Information about the betrayal of the spectator, who, in search of sexual satisfaction, fell into the arms of his colleague from Channel One, Julia Baranovskaya, began to appear in various media institutions. Many supporters continue to deny this information, insisting on the strength and stability of the relationship between the singer and the showman, however, the appearance of Alla Pugacheva suggests that rumors might be true. The famous actor Oleg Menshikov has recently published pictures in Instagram's account after the premiere of his next show, in which the first donna appeared. In the photo, Pugacheva seemed painful, and she did not look like her usual image.

With the naked eye it is noticed that the singer could stand alone on his own, relying on Oleg Menshikov. In addition, even the face of Alla Pugacheva seems too old, unlike many other recent photographs. It is quite obvious that the constant quarrels over Maxim Galkin's betrayal could have led the diva to exhaustion.

Most likely, regular emotional breakdowns have had a negative impact on Alla Pugacheva's health, which brought Lisa and Harry five-year twins to a television presenter. Pugacheva is deeply worried that at such a respectable age she can be alone with two children if Galkin decides to leave for the young Baranovskaya. Physical and mental exhaustion does not allow Pugacheva to give good-luck concerts in honor of the 70th anniversary, which millions of fans expect. In this case, Maxim Galkin's future career will be questionable because the first donna will not be able to forgive such obvious betrayal by her beloved husband.

Alexander West

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