Monday , June 27 2022

Galkin, who left his family, was killed in America :: Show business ::


Maxim Galkin is touring the United States. However, the remaining family in Russia does not forget. So the showman receives regular video reports about his five-year-old children, Harry and Lisa.

Harry and Lisa twins are hired at home. In particular, they are taught by a French guardian. Maxim Galkin regularly shares the achievements of his heirs with the subscribers of his official website on the Instagram social network. And he does that, even a few thousand kilometers away.

So the popular television host published a video made during the French class of Lisa. The five-year-old is busy writing in a workbook, and the conversation with the teacher takes place in a foreign language. To make fans understand what this is all about, Maxim Galkin kindly accompanied the video with subtitles.

True, the showman made a mistake, which, in gratitude, recognized it. "Lisa writes in French – a report for Dad ? The only thing I was wrong with is to tweet the phrase Lisa writes for a reason she translates to Spanish since I spoke all day in Spanish here in the South of the United States, "The Sun has gone out", and in French "it has dirty the floor" ? (hence the spelling and punctuation of the authors – Ed.), "wrote Maxim Galkin.

Many subscribers, in spite of the confusion of the show, have come to delight in Lisa's art and immediacy. "Excellent parents, very sensitive children", "I love this doll", "How wonderful!", "Incomparable," "Lovely wonderful! Ugh, good," "This is just fiction but she still does not go to school .. but she already writes so beautiful in French "," Just joy ? Look, it is not enough ", the web users scattered in compliments.

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