Tuesday , August 3 2021

Insight Martian probe made a successful landing and sent the first photos on the surface

In the next two years, the device will have to conduct research on the soil.

Travel devices began on 5 May with the "Vandenberg" airbase in California. However, the final stage of the flight was the most intense in these six months. After flying 480 million kilometers, the probe entered the atmosphere of the red planet. In order not to burn at a gigantic speed of nearly 20 kilometers per hour, Insight turned a special part of the thermal protection, heated to 1500 degrees.

The parachute system opened, after a few seconds, the probe is already on the surface of Mars, transmitting signals on Earth "alive and well" and confirming the first image, where you can see the dust particles and the horizon of the planet. NASA Observatory, project manager Tom Hoffman is pleased.

"Insight" after landing satisfied with another photo. Robotic hand made selfie. A part of the camera came into the frame, and in the background a desert is seen. Solar batteries are straightened. Everything works normally.

The American probe is on Mars for the eighth time. Space Bureau Director Jim Brydenstein believes that crew flight is not far away.

The "Insight" probe on the planet has a rich program. After preparing the equipment, he will study the internal structure of the planet. It was equipped with a seismograph and a thermometer, which will be placed in a five-foot well. Such studies have not yet been carried out.

The Insight mission is designed for 720 days.

Igor Mitrofanov, the head of the Nuclear Planning Department of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Russia, told the radio about what we need to study Mars on the Echo radio station in Moscow.

Mitrofanov recalled that the missions that were already sent to Mars are not enough to understand everything that happens with the Red Planet.

Space Mars InSight is a remarkable technical achievement, but Russia has other priorities too, so our country is not involved in such projects. About this in the air "Echo" said economist Sergei Aleksachenko.

It is necessary to establish international scientific cooperation, which opens broad opportunities to advance, says Sergey Aleksaenko.

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