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Karim Benzema can be jailed for five years


Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has a strong season, despite the creamy problems in the Example: the player made 8 + 5 in this championship and remains Zidane’s top scorer. Outside the football field, the star striker has big problems – the French court has reopened the case regarding Benzema’s involvement in the blackmail of the former French teammate Mathieu Valbuena.

The investigation began in 2015 (!), So it was easy to forget what the essence of the procedures is. We remind you briefly:

  • Five years ago, it became known that Benzema became one of the defendants in a scandalous case related to a sex video of the former Dynamo Moscow player, Mathieu Valbuena. The footballer was blackmailed with a video with unknown content, but certainly spicy, and Benzema decided to help his partner in the French national team with advice.
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  • “Pay, these guys don’t like to joke,” he suggested to Real Madrid player Mathieu (according to VSD journalist Jerome Gessel). The investigation considered that Benzema was laughing with the blackmailers, although Karim insists that it was a “friendly conversation” in which he shared his vision on the situation.
  • The accusation is based not only on Benzema’s “advice”. Following the intercepted interceptions of the suspects, the investigation was addressed to a childhood friend of the Real Madrid striker, named Zenati. He said they agreed with Benzema to have a conversation with blackmailed Valbuena.

A few years ago, Benzema spent a night at a police station and was expelled from the French national team (since then he has never been called up to the national team and missed the World Cup 18 victory), but in 2017, according to foreign media reports, the case has been resolved. : Valbuena even said that she is ready, if necessary, to enter the field with Karim as part of the same team.

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Why did you resume examining the case now?

In December last year, Benzema lost the appeal to the highest court in France – the Court of Cassation. Yesterday, the prosecution announced the transfer of the case to the Criminal Court of Versailles.

This threatens Benzema with serious problems – it was previously reported that if the star football player is found guilty, he could go to prison for up to five years.

The football player reacted to the unpleasant news by writing on social networks: “So when is the masquerade, right? ⚔️🔥 “

Benzema’s words refer to his own post on Twitter in 2019. His appeal in the same case was rejected, and the footballer wrote: “The masquerade continues! Well, let’s go to court, if there is one. Life goes on. Let’s continue to enjoy. ”

Obviously, the player suggests that the story is too long. Former agent Benzema Jaziri shares the same opinion:

“When will Karim be tried? In 2034? Benzema will be in court, although he asked the victim not to pay, but [Джибриль] Cisse, who asked him to pay, will not be sued! The masquerade continues “.

It looks like Benzema will have difficulty concentrating on football soon. The last seasons of hearing the calls, judging by the results, did not interfere too much, but now everything is much worse.

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