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Kazachenko fell at the distorted legs of Amanti :: Show business ::


In the show "Let Them Speak", another series of the inveter film "Kazachenko and his Wives" took place. This time, Vadim Kazachenko, who publicly requested forgiveness from his wife Irina Amanti, was at the heart of the story.

Vadim Kazachenko descended on a knee in front of Irina Amanti and presented a bouquet of luxury red roses to apologize for the pain she caused. "I have already spoken today about the regret that many of you have had to sink into this story, but all the time she has stayed with me and once again I want to ask you, Ira, forgiveness for what we had to do go through "- said the singer, referring to his beloved woman.

She rushed to pick it up and replied that she did not need public apology, that she forgave them for a long time and had no resentment. Then Irina turned to the hallway and said "the worst thing is selling the children." She explained that in all this story she is considered the victim.
Irina said she wanted to forget the scandal, but she can not do it because of Olga's constant desire to attract attention.

Keep in mind that the show showed Olga Kazachenko, walking with his little son Philip. "I hope I do not have to tell Philip that his father is a captain of the sea." Now I often show my son, his father's photos, telling him who he is, I do not understand how you can not love such a boy, it's just a miracle for me, "Olga said.

Note. that in comments made to video viewers among the discussions of the heroes of this love triangle he expressed the opinion that Irina Amanti had a change in appearance. It seems that the brown brunette lips twist.

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"What about Amanti's face?" "Irina is a beauty, but these lips …", "Irina Amanti is an enlightened, gorgeous woman!

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