Tuesday , March 21 2023

Morozov did not know what to expect from Tarasova after an accident The figure of skating


MOSCOW, November 17 – RIA Novosti, Anatoly Samokhvalov. Russian figurine Vladimir Morozov said Saturday he was not so much rent an arbitrary program at the Grand Prize in Moscow, but about the state of partner Evgenia Tarasova.

Tarasova / Morozov won the Moscow Grand Prix in the sports pairs competition, scoring 220.25 points for the results of both programs and securing a place in the Grand Prix finale that will take place from December 6-9 in Vancouver. During Saturday morning training, Tarasova clashed with compatriot Alexander Korovin, who was associated with Alisa Efimova and injured her chin she had sewn.

"We were very well prepared and the mood was on clean rent. Today we did not think to sketch the program as clean as possible, just to reach the Grand Prix finals." I did not know how Yevgeni will feel the evening and what awaits her, which makes me entertain the most, "Morozov said.

Asked if Tarasova might act as a typical blonde and not go to the beginning, she said, "I do not want to be a blonde inside, I'm primarily an athlete. I did not leave Volodya down, has spent a lot of energy in competitions. I can not talk.

Tarasova admitted he did not blame Korovin for the training incident. "This did not happen because of him (Korovin), he stood up, but I approached and I did not see him, just turned my head and we collided and, of course, he (Korovin ) apologized, "Tarasova said.

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