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Nikita Kucherov scored two goals against Edmonton Oilers


team Connor McDavid has reached the match away with "Tampa" is not in the best mood. On the eve of "Edmonton" gave away "Washington", which once again at the height of Captain Alexander Ovechkin. His McDavid counterpart, though he managed to score and expand his production series to eight matches (6 goals, 5 assists), but abandoned puck has never brought a second joy to the usual second marker.

One of the main culprits of the defeat was the "Oilers" Cam Talbo, which reflects only 19 strokes and suffered a fifth defeat of the season. "Talbot will evaluate the game as normal, we have no problems with it." The match was lost in the first 10 minutes, then the opponent won the third goal, which Oshi scored, after which a successful interception and Ovechkin's goal took place. "Washington" – an attacking team won the Stanley Cup, which means they are good, "said the head coach of the oil industry Todd McLellan, but the "lightning" game sent the gate Mikko Koskinen.

With regard to Tampa, Chicago mentor dismissal, Joel Kenneville, made the head of Lightning John Cooper the longest active league coach. Cooper came to the Lightning camp in April 2013 after a year of running a farm club and became the most successful coach in the history of the franchise (253 wins). "We're going to focus on McDavid, there are players who have a good technique, there are good-sized hockey players, there are excellent skating masters." McDavid has all of the above, and he is the best of them, Cooper before the game. Effective countermeasures that Connor has managed to find.

Mr. McDee, of course, had chances. For example, in the first period, when Captain Edmonton left the workplace, owner defender Anton Strolman and "fed" with his partner's puck Taya Ratty. His throw in an unimaginable way managed to look the goalkeeper Andrey Vasilevskywhich made his rivals shake his head.

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At the same time, the southern attack was not asleep. In the fifth minute of the sweet couple Steven StemkosNikita Kucherov "Invented" Lightning's first objective, which set the tone for the whole meeting. For Stemkos, this was the fourth in the last five matches.

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In the second game dvadtsatiminutke, the hosts received four small penalties and Vasilevski had to work hard again to leave the team the chance to win. Of the 15 photos made by "Petroleum" during this period, Andrew did not face just a throw Ryan Stroom, but otherwise acted very reliably. "Tampa" took advantage of the goalkeeper's inspired game and the efforts of Yanni Gurd and Nikita Kucherov increased the gap in the score – the Russian striker was assisted by the captain of the "lightning".

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In the final segment, Oilers hockey players attempted to organize an attack on the Vasilevski goalkeeper, but Tampa played very well, without allowing the guests to load their goalkeeper with throws. This is partly the fault of the "petrolmen" themselves, who received four small sanctions in a row, losing their chances for the final shot. The final score of the match was installed by Nikita Kucherov, who implemented the elimination of the defender Matt benning with the support of the same Miller and Stemkos. Nikita made the second double of the season and scored 5 (2 + 3) points in the last three games.

The video can be viewed in Tampa Twitter.

As for McDavid, he failed to figure out his glasses and the 8-game scores series was interrupted. Connor won a "-2" in terms of utility, made 5 strokes and was noted with a small fine, but the most surprising fact was the throwing statistics. McDavid won only 2 (!) Matches at the 12th point, although before this record the throw-out gained steadily exceeded 50%.

"I have to say thank you to Vasilevsky, he played very well, the work he is doing is incredible, it is very pleasant and pleasant to look, I am glad to be with him in the same team," praised compatriot Kucherov, who became the first star of the match (Vasilevski is the second star). "It is necessary to have a calm and calm confidence, that if you play correctly, it will be extremely difficult for the opponent to win you." Edmonton has a good team, but we have found the way to victory, "added Stemkos.

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