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November 18th horoscope: Familiar Dilemma of Gemini and Scorpio's Double Situations


Signs of the zodiac. Photo by Alexander Khitrov, IA PrimaMedia

November 18, IrkutskMedia. Many people not only from the Irkutsk region but also from around the world believe that horoscopes are just an invention. However, their use is still there. Suddenly you are lucky and some of the predictions come true. On a good day, you will think luck is on your side and do not be afraid to take the first step in the planned business. And if the stars promise you that you have failed, you can always turn the situation into your favor, bypass any obstacle and solve the problem. Astroprognoz for November 18, compiled by experts of Astrostar.ru service, presents its readers IrkutskMedia news agency.

OWEN Aries will spend most of the day of doubt or in a situation where concrete actions are impossible. There is a high probability of being blocked by a lack of energy, help and confidence. At the end of the day, you suddenly have new forces, it is important to remove them properly. Your power at this moment will be optimism, weakness – disorganization, lack of courage or a small set of powers.

BULL On this day, Taurus is not easy to synchronize its internal clocks with external reality. Many Taurus will remain mental in the past or in the future, sometimes mixing these two worlds. New practical achievements at present are unlikely. The pleasant part of the day is the ability to stop the time, to extend the break, to balance more possibilities. In the evening it is useful to clarify the plans or rules of the game.

TWINS Today, many Gemini will face a familiar dilemma, but they will not be able to choose. You can also become a witness to other people's fluctuations and become addicted to them. At best, clarity will come at the end of the day, when powerful people or strong external circumstances will make your choice for you. Evening will allow you to find protection, support and a source of optimism. This is the best time to establish contacts.

CANCER Today, rich imagination and good memory can lead Cancer away from its physical location. Many cancers prefer to abstain from everyday everyday things to cast into the realm of the sublime or the unknown. It is possible to constantly compare and iterate options. Only in the evening will you recall the severe reality in the form of a certain obligation or objective necessities.

LEV Today, Lviv is not the most productive day. Until the evening, a period of hesitation, uncertainty in feelings or current plans may take time. Against stagnation, fantasy and sensuality can play. This is a good time to relax. At the end of the day you will have a reasonable optimism, new horizons will open in front of you. It is useful to add constructiveness, objectivity and realism to spiritual ascension.

VIRGIN Today, Virgos believes it is difficult to see a partner or interlocutor through and over. For many Devs, the feelings and intentions of others will remain a secret, even if they are familiar with them for a long time. Just experience will tell you what's really going on. In the new relationship, interest will also be fueled by an enigma, it is desirable to keep the intrigue. Day inclines to self-deception, but closer to the night does not hurt to look at the sober situation.

SCALES The scales do not have to wait for the change earlier in the evening. Waiting and privacy will have its advantages. For example, they will allow you to avoid deliberately unfavorable compromise or leave you to feel weak. In the evening, the rules of any game will become clearer, and the partners who do not trust will have to decide. This is the best moment of the day, if you wait for a constructive proposal, you want to "build bridges" and get involved in dialogue

SCORPION On this day, Scorpions are well-oriented in dual situations. Many Scorpions will find something fascinating in a parallel passion, either a love affair or a creative project. You can cling to the benefits of such a scenario, closing your eyes for quick wear. It is better to dedicate the evening to practical matters, new working plans and welfare increase deserve special attention.

SAGITTARIUS The events of this day link the hand and foot of Sagittarius. Instead of progressing, you will stagnate and you will remain stuck in one of the past traps. Being in a deadlock, you should not try to overcome it urgently, it is better to go for a temporary compromise with fate, with people or with yourself. Good luck, authority and optimism will come back to you tonight. At this point it is worth planning all important visits and conversations.

CAPRICORN During the day, Capricorns will have time to practice the art of maintaining balance, avoiding unnecessary questions and guessing the unconscious signs of someone else's mood. You can let yourself dream, pause, weigh options. At the end of the day, you will need retention and organization, even if you are at home. By betting on pure inspiration and luck, you can lose.

AQUARIUS Aquarius does not have to develop during the day. It is a period of pauses, hesitations, uncertainties, confusion. It will not be easy to get clarity about most issues, including financial ones. The result of buying, exchanging or selling will cause doubt. In the evening, it will give you inspiration and sociability, you will return to information and hope for the future. Any restrictions will be justified and offset by something.

FISH Fish till evening will deceive or deceive. Many Pisces will put a familiar mask behind which they will really hide their feelings. If you have not made a decision yet, your doubts may return you to an improved form. Late night will help you get rid of duality. Cash receipts or prospects for new earnings will be a good reason for budget restructuring.

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