Sunday , June 26 2022

Skoda 860, a Single Car Returns (Part 1)


It seems to me that any brand best describes its attitude to its history. And it does not appear in the publication of colorful advertising brochures, but in an attempt to keep what's left of when engineers who designed cars were, at the same time, designers and sellers of their creations. When the brutal commercialization of all processes has not yet come because of which a soul comes out of many modern machines and turns into a commodity only. But fortunately, not everyone yet. On the 100th anniversary of the formation of Czechoslovakia, ŠKODA AUTO exhibited in its museum a rarely refurbished variety of the ŠKODA 860.

The car debuted on October 23, 1929 at the Prague Motor Show. It is interesting that the first figure in the designation of ŠKODA machines of those years spoke about the number of engine cylinders, and the last two – about nominal power. Thus, the ŠKODA 860 was equipped with an 8-cylinder, longitudinally-positioned 3380 cc engine that developed 60 hp. already at 3,000 rpm A three-speed gearbox does not seem to be a good solution. However, the engine was so flexible that it allowed an immense machine of nearly 5.5 meters in length and a weight of 1850 kilograms to dynamically accelerate at a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour while driving at a pedestrian speed with third step. By the way, this is a characteristic feature of Skoda cars of those years. When the first gear is not practically used. It was possible to start driving immediately to the second, then move to the highest, forgetting the gearbox until it stops.

The ŠKODA 860 was not only the largest but also the most technologically advanced representative of the brand at that time. The car was built on a chassis with a strong frame, equipped with long springs with hydraulic shock absorbers on both axes, which in combination with a large wheelbase, ensure smooth smoothness. The Czech Republic has a rather mountainous terrain, and driving along these roads requires the choice of the right equipment. In the 860s a special level indicator was used. It was placed on the board, and when it came down or down, it gave the driver a recommendation for an early journey. And when I get back to the side of the road, I suggested moving to the top. It's funny that now some luxury cars have a similar automatic transmission of control technology. However, as a source of information about the topography used by the GPS satellite navigation system. Paradoxically, in the end, the 1929 decision works much more reliably and even more accurately. Another feature of the model is the glass partition between the driver and the passengers, which ensured the privacy of important people with the comfort of moving into a luxury cabin. In the rear seat, of which three adults were comfortably accommodated, and a large bridging room made it possible to install two more folding chairs. We continue tomorrow.

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