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Stanislav Cherchesov: Well deserved victory, the Swedes were stronger


footballNovember 21, 2018, 4: 2Source: "Soviet Sports"Author: Yaremenko Nikolay

Immediately after the end of the UEFA League League, the chief edition of the Soviet sports team, Sweden – Russia (2: 0), tried to find out from Russia's national team coach, Stanislav Cherchesov, the reasons for defeat at the decisive meeting .

– Defeat the insult?
– Absolutely not. Because the Swedes played very well today. Better, better than us. And it deserves this victory. It is clear that everything could be different. Hammer Ionov, when he walked one by one – everything would have turned his head down. But if you play the game as a whole, then the victory of Sweden is absolutely natural and it is not necessary here to look for what is not. We have not been completely balanced for well-known reasons, and the Swedes have an excellent organization of the game. Their game plan worked, so we congratulate them for winning the match and the group.

– What was the game plan when the score was 0-1? From the podium there was an impression that everything was scattered in the Dziuba halls, but it is impossible to win the fight for the Granquist horses.
– Did you notice that in the first half I played Poloz? We expected the Swedes to attack. They played three days ago and it was clear that their forces were not unlimited, would not postpone solving the main tasks in the second half. Unfortunately, to keep the intact gate did not work. Coming in the second half, they understand that nothing burns, that we must continue to play the same way further. It was not necessary to be revealed. And the second half, on the whole, we did better. Therefore, if the score was 0: 1 a little more, the chances to score a goal would remain, and the 1: 1 score would fit us. Therefore, they did not hurry to go before the break. It was clear that it opened, you quickly lose the second – all chances to disappear.

We know that Dziuba can fight for the ball. We know that Swedes are able to defend themselves, play in a compact way, do not have space between lines. Therefore, passing through them is difficult. We are not only confronted with this. In the first match with the Swedes, it was possible to achieve it today and went several times. But the score did not work.

Well, when it's 10-15 minutes left, psychology is already included. He started playing in bulk, running and making mistakes.

– The fans will probably ask why they did not appear on the Chalov field. All available matches took place in these matches, but Chalov did not.
– He's still young, calm down in the squad. First we have to join – finally we go to the games.

– Results of the year fail?
– Year is still coming, football is playing … If we talk about the national team, then we had a good year. And there was a good world champion and there was a good League of Nations. We shared points with the team that won the first place. In their personal meetings, the Swedes were stronger, so they are the first.

Yes, we wanted to go to league "A". It did not work. But I had all the meetings at a pretty good level.

– But two defeats at the final – 0: 3 and 0: 2 – in five days …
– I want to get it right. The Germans are the top international team. The Swedes are a great host team. Without good training to play with them is difficult. Besides, we did not have a few good players to add quality. The Swedes were available from start to finish, and we have a shortage of seven or eight people.

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