Wednesday , May 31 2023

The Voroneţ medical workers noted an increase in the incidence of viral hepatitis B and C


Infectious morbidity in October 2018 was lower than the morbidity rate in October 2017 by 25.1%. There are 30.3 thousand cases of infectious diseases in the region the press officeRospotrebnadzor in the Voronezh region on Wednesday, November 21st.

Compared with the same period in 2017, Salmonella incidence increased by 11.7%, acute intestinal infections of bacterial etiology – by 14.2%, viral etiology – 1.5 times, chronic viral hepatitis B – by 20.5% , C – 19.8%, convulsive cough – 1.7 times, scarred – 1.75 times, Lyme disease – for 10 cases, pediculosis – 6.2%, community pneumonia – 4.8%.

Sanvrachi observed a decrease in incidence of acute intestinal infections with an unknown etiology (by 24.7%), enterovirus infection (3.4 times), acute acute viral hepatitis (by 58.8%), varicella (by 10, 9%), gonococcal infection (by 13.3%), giardiasis (by 18.8%), and enterobiosis (by 15.6%).

Isolated cases of mumps, tularemia, Western Nile fever, renal hemorrhagic fever, ascitesis have been identified. Doctors recorded two cases of acute viral hepatitis B, three cases of dysentery, acute viral hepatitis A and four cases of cytomegalovirus infection.

According to October 2018, due to 454 people headed for the bites of the animals. The laboratory has confirmed a case of rabies in an animal in Voronezh.

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