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US patron supports "queen" Medvedev: Winter Views: Sports:


American soccer player Ashley Wagner voiced support for Russian woman Evgenia Medvedeva after her failure at the Grand Prix in France. Wagner posted the appropriate entry into it twitter-akkaunte.

"Evgenia (Medvedev – about "") is still the queen. I think this year was special for her psychologically. We should wait, give him time to figure out, and she will be able to cope without fail. She is persevering and takes time, "Wagner wrote.

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0:20November 25th

November 24, 19, Medvedeva, for the first time in her career, failed to reach the Grand Prix Final. The Russian woman ranked fourth in France.

After the contest, Medvedeva commented on the negative that comes from the fans. According to the Russians, she does not understand the reasons for this attitude and has stopped using social networks.

In May 2018, the skater stopped working with coach Eteri Tutberidze and moved to Canada. There, Medvedev began working under the guidance of a specialist Brian Orser.

Wagner is not the first to talk about Russian skates. On November 9, the American praised the performance at the Grand Prix in Japan, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. Then the Russian woman won the short program at the Hiroshima contest, gaining 76.17 points.

During the Olympics at Phenchhane, an American spoke critically about 15-year skating, Alina Zagitova. Wagner faced a negative reaction to his opinion on social networks.

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