Monday , September 26 2022

Valve has paid $ 20,000 to find a bug on Steam


Tester Artem Moskovsky received $ 20,000 from Valve as a reward for finding a bug in Steam service.

According to the tester, he suddenly missed a bug. Vulnerability in the system allowed Moscow to generate 36,000 copies of Portal 2. Currently, the game price is 259 rubles. Hacker said about Valve's problem, for which he received a $ 20,000 reward. According to developers, the attackers did not have time to use the bug, so the company did not suffer any losses.

This is not Moscow's first payoff at Valve.

According to the researcher, he inadvertently found a vulnerability in the Steam study code. He is an active participant in the HackerOne project, where hackers offer their services to find serious bugs and exploit commercial software (of course, at a cost).

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