Monday , January 24 2022

Volodin explained prices in the Duma canteen: Politics: Russia:


The State Duma canteen is not subsidized from the budget, Vyacheslav Volodin, the president of the lower house of the parliament, said. So he reacted to the dispute between lawmakers because of publishing the menu on the Internet on Okhotny Ryad, reports TASS Thursday, November 15th.

"Colleagues, we do not subsidize the cafeteria, it works according to the rates in other governing institutions, we should probably start with that. If in fact there were subsidies from the budget, then I think everyone would support and I refused these subsidies, although he existed, "he said during the talks on draft laws on partial decriminalization of Article 282 of the Russian Penal Code.

Volodin pronounced after Liberal Democrat Sergei Ivanov complained about the publication of MP Alexander Hinshtein.

"People are angry:" They are there, they live at our expense. "This is the enthusiasm of hatred and hostility towards a social group" , said Ivanov.

Khinshtein, in turn, said he wants to "waste the myth" that you can dine at the State Duma for 20 rubles.

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